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Azure Virtual Desktop: 
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With the increasing popularity of Azure Virtual Desktop among organizations, it is crucial to make well-informed decisions to ensure optimal user experience and effectively assess the costs associated with transitioning your workloads to the cloud. If you have already migrated, it is time to consider an evaluation of your existing deployment and uncover potential savings and improvements.

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Microsoft Guidelines

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Microsoft strongly advises employing solutions to thoroughly evaluate your deployment through rigorous stress tests and real-life usage simulations.

It is crucial to verify that your system is both responsive and resilient, capable of satisfying user demands. At the same time, balancing your price to performance to avoid excessive spending is just as important.

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  • Benchmark the User Experience: Quickly benchmark your current environment and compare the same experience in Azure Virtual Desktop using our comprehensive EUX score.

  • Tune for Peak Performance: Eliminate guesswork and receive expert recommendations on the ideal Azure Virtual Desktop instance size that aligns with your performance requirements. Avoid inefficiencies and embrace a smooth Azure Virtual Desktop journey.

  • Make Scaling Effortless: Use personalized recommendations for Azure Virtual Desktop scaling based on the user experience you need to guarantee. Leverage our EUX score to uphold your SLAs and reduce the complexity of scaling your environment for optimal performance.

  • Unveil Hidden Costs: Determining the cost of your Azure Virtual Desktop project is a top concern. Mitigate the chance of surprise costs, as our proprietary EUX Score clearly explains your cost per user in Azure Virtual Desktop.
AVD Rapid Assessment

By incorporating these considerations into future or current deployments, you can enhance the overall experience and tailor the system to meet the unique needs of your users effectively.

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