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VDI Performance Testing, Made Better.

Look Inside the Apps with Login Enterprise

If you’re stuck in a cycle of unplanned VDI issues and putting out fires – odds are your current tools are keeping you reactive. Get in front of VDI problems once and for all with a system of checks and balances across the EUC lifecycle.  

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VDI is Running Slow? Detect and Fix Issues Before the User is Affected

Encountering the same VDI challenges over and over again can feel like being stuck on an impossible game level. But don't worry, you don't have to stay trapped. Break free and conquer your most persistent issues with Login Enterprise to ensure the best VDI experience.

Zero Impact Automation

Zero Impact Automation

Ditch your manual testing efforts and deploy virtual users to automatically scale across your diverse user populations and operational needs.

Low-Code Workloads

Low-Code Workloads

Go beyond logins and mimic real-user behavior through customizable workloads that reflect your most critical users and applications.

Full Stack Insights

Full Stack Insights

Analyze consistent metrics across the entire stack, providing a comprehensive understanding of performance and behavior.

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Detect VDI Performance Problems Faster

  • Continuously track VDI performance—all day, across all locations—without needing agents or users to be present.
  • Identify VDI issues or outages during off-peak hours and resolve them before users start working.
  • Uncover gradual deteriorations in VDI performance well before they disrupt normal operations.
  • Preserve adherence to privacy laws by simulating human interaction with no actual user exposure to data.

Look Inside the Apps and Leverage Deep Insights

  • Examine VDI latency across various applications to identify underlying issues.
  • Utilize detailed metrics on client, session, and platform for in-depth VDI analysis.
  • Identify and permanently resolve complex, elusive VDI problems.
  • Define thresholds for overall VDI performance, such as login failures, login delays, VDI latency, or specific application failures.
  • Automatically take and store screenshots at specified steps or failures and review detailed logs to remediate them faster.

Go Faster with Automation

  • Minimize reliance on app owners with automated testing.
  • Eliminate the risk of human error, ensuring tests are performed precisely and consistently every time.
  • Reduce helpdesk calls by catching issues before rollouts.
  • Benchmark OS, security agent, collaboration tools, profiles, and components on the overall image.
  • Understand the performance and cost of each layer over time.

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