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Your simple navigation to all information about our services, the installation, configuration and operation tips of Login Enterprise.

Login VSI Workload Templates

Login Enterprise Workloads are built-in C-sharp, delivering a robust testing capability without requiring a learning curve. Testing capabilities can be created as deep and rich as required (i.e., Async, Crypto, Multi-threading).

The Workloads can be compiled to bytecode for speed, and once completed, they can be reused across multiple testing scenarios (i.e., Acceptance, Load, Continuous).

If you need further Professional Services-based customizations, please contact the Login VSI Support and Services team.

Login Enterprise
Login Enterprise

Get Instructor-Led Training

Login VSI provides a live, instructor-led course for both customers and partners. It can be scheduled directly with your organization or delivered remotely.

During the training course, you can test and validate skills in a live lab environment, ensuring a hands-on experience with Login Enterprise.

After completing the course, you can validate your knowledge with an exam. You will receive an official Login Enterprise certificate when you complete the exam.

Reference Architectures

Login VSI is considered the industry standard for load-testing and performance and scalability testing for VDI and AVD environments. Login VSI is used by all major hardware and software vendors.

Please find a selection of their reference architectures and designs on our website.

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Login Enterprise

Optimizing Microsoft Teams on Azure Virtual Desktop

Problems with Microsoft Teams on AVD? Crashing, restarting, staying on the "Waiting on Teams" screen, or just showing a full white Teams application window - you aren’t alone. 

Login Enterprise

Login Enterprise for Optimal Performance with Citrix

This webinar will teach you how Citrix leverages Login Enterprise for reference architectures, validating environments, conducting performance research, running QA, and more.

Login Enterprise

Boost Optimization for EUC and Hybrid Cloud Costs

Attracted by its flexibility and scalability, the cloud is becoming a natural choice for end-user computing (EUC). Are you ready to lead your organization from the shadows of budget overruns?